This is the blog of Julian Langer – me (possibly the individual in the photo below).


I have written 3 books on individualist eco-anarchist philosophy and guerrilla ontology, two short story and 3 collections of poems – more information on all of these can be found on the My Books page. Many of my essays, articles and rants have been publish (and sometimes republished) by various publications, with links to most of these being available somewhere on this blog. I also was one of the animals involved in the now ended Night Forest Poetry Project.

Guitar, various other instruments, singing and (really terrible) art are among the other activities I enjoy. I am an amateur gardener and beginner herbalist. I live amidst the Devon countryside, between 4 woods and a comfortable distance a way from any towns, in a tiny cottage, with the woman my books are dedicated to and a tiny black (chaos-demon) cat.

My philosophy is neither reactionary or revolutionary, but presentist, involutionary and rebellious; and I call myself a philosopher rather than a writer, particularly for the absurdity of the category, but mostly due to the machinic-uselessness of philosophers. To classify myself – I am an ontological anarchist, rather than a political one, with my (anti-)politics being best described as radical-environmentalist/individualist. Outside of writing and art, I mostly practice my rebellion through badger-cull sabotage, though am also working to become an eco-therapist, to help individuals rewild, as my personal medicine-person practice.

I do not consider myself a pseudo-intellectual, preferring the term “crackpot-theorist” – preferring agnostic-mania more, with my thought intending to (playfully) endarken, rather than enlighten; being earthly and sarkic, rather than gods-eye and gnostic; favouring mystical subscendence, over spiritual transcendence; through deconstruction and destruction; with much of my thought spiralling around becoming-animal, as metomorphosing into the earth that I egoistically-am.

You can click the link below to download a PDF of many of my essays compiled together.

As well as the academia(dot)edu archive and theanarchistlibrary archive linked in the sidebar, you can access archived essays by me here https://www.scribd.com/user/364629472/Julian-Langer

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