Some Thoughts On Suicide As Culture

I have some personal issues with grief spectacle social media content, as I find it crass, tasteless, generally inauthentic and quite often disrespectful to the individual who died, as it largely surmounts to transforming their death into marketable social capital for people to showcase their grief so as to collect likes and re-tweets. And recently […]

Being Beautiful and Laughing While Burning Bridges

I am fucking beautiful. I unashamedly know this and declare this. I’m told to be modest and deny myself, out of some Christianised morality of shame and repression. But I know this, because I know myself, because I know my Being and becoming, because I am my Being and becoming, and it is beautiful. Last […]

Beginnings at the End 

What is ending is beginning  What is beginning is at an end Like a fire in the night Finding solace with good friends  With apocalyptic Mystics  Who find beauty in the trees We find beauty in the sunshine  As we bleed into the sea Deep in the undergrowth  Something will arise Like a mountain hiding […]

Platitudes To Nothingness

I’m not sure if what is going on within the small world of eco-radical discourse is interesting or boring or even anything. Having no desire to align with a particular ideological affiliation or particular brand of Radicalism, I’m frequently disappointed by the in-fighting and he-said-she-said bickering that I witness from people I share many beliefs […]

Cultural Terrorism: Poetic Potential for Subversion

By Julian Langer “Quotations are useful in periods of ignorance or obscurantist beliefs” Guy Debord In The Revolution of Everyday Life, Raoul Vaneigem stated that human beings are in a state of creativity 24 hours a day, but freedom of choice has been lost; that spontaneity is the true mode of creativity, and true artists…

A Child, a Nameless Man and a Woman 

The child cries in the arms of a woman who is not his mother over the body of a man who is not his father. The tears, they fall like rain on to her body and fall to the ground, finding themselves eventually in the soils warm embrace. The child does know they they will […]