Welcome to Eco Revolt – the blog of anti-civ eco-radical and guerrilla ontologist philosopher/writer Julian Langer (me).

What is eco-revolt? In the Camusian sense I am using here, revolt is the energy of defiance in the face of the Absurd. In the existential sense, this means an active embrace of Life in the face of certain death. In the eco- sense I am using here, revolt is active rebellion and resistance towards this ecocidal Leviathan we live in and know as civilisation, the machinery and production of active death, through eco-radical thought, culture and action, and through guerrilla ontologist creation of new places, spaces, geographies, psychogeographies, arts, music and poetry, and ways of interacting with each other – while this generally focused on the environmental ecology, this includes the mental and social strands of the the 3 ecologies, in the sense described by Guattari. This is taken as an Absurd venture, given that near-term ecological collapse is basically a certainty now and that in every present moment this culture is, through the maintenance of its very existence, violating nature – which exists pre-language, so is undefinable, but I choose to call wild-Being, as it is an ontological state of fluidity and flux, which civilisation attempts to usurp and halt.

Eco-revolt is not interested in the creation of future utopias, future societies, or in rearranging existing ones. Rather it is a feral and iconoclastic energy of wild fury, enraged by the ugliness of this culture in the present, and seeks to abandon history, as history is civilisation and civilisation is history – what is being called by those within the anti-civilisation community green nihilism.

Eco-revolt is love of the beauty of wild-Being and joy in aesthetics of the rain, wind, bird song, badger, fox and deer dances, and all else that civilisation tries to hide from; it is a nakedness before the world, immersed in the world and an extension of the world; it is an internal and external wild fire and a forest of dark trees, with roots sinking deep into the ground.

Anti-civ eco-radicalism, under my definition, is an (anti-)political sympathy toward anti-technology and anti-meliorist environmentalism, through an anarchist and post-anarchist practice.

Guerilla ontology is, in one sense, a practice of active philosophy, aimed at groups and individuals, so as to challenge dominant belief systems, tied to ideological concepts of this culture, through concepts, words, ideas and their practice that are aimed at deconstructing Reality constructions. In another sense, it is the active creation and destruction of the social-ontology of civilisation, it’s machinery and what is generally considered “property damage” (my inner Stirner screams “SPOOK!” at the idea of property). This term, as far as I’m personally aware, owes it’s origins (whatever that means – the repetition of a term isn’t a repetition, but a rhyme, new and unique in each utterance or encoding) in agnostic mystic Robert Anton Wilson (someone who’s ideas I’m just exploring). My first exposure to the practice came when I first read Hakim Bey’s T.A.Z. and it has been an aspect of my project from the birth of the book I started writing in 2013, which I abandoned and led to Feral Consciousness.

In terms of placing this on lines of (anti-)political spectrums, this might be considered to be Thoreau meets post-Lacanian schizoanalysis (semiotic-complexification directed towards the wild) and insurrectionary-green-anarchist existentialism (we’re born wild/free and condemned to it, so fuck civilisation!).  As far as “spirituality” and religion goes, this is an iconoclastic hylozoic mysticism.

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