On Lies, Civilisation and Being

I am an animal. I was born howling at the top of my lungs the core message of my being “I am alive”. I was born screaming, breathing, shiting, puking, watching, listening, touching and these remain some of the purest features of my self. This is true of any and all humans (as much as they deny). My teeth gnash (yours do too). From my arse I shit (yours does too). My skin releases oils and pheromones (yours does too). In every second, behind all the lies of this culture, you and I are animals. We were born wildlife. Those wild children who bother you in their play are simply expressing the energy of life that all living beings possess. As they play in the mud, they are connecting to the truth of their being; as you wash it off you deny them this in lies and domestication.

That’s what civilisation does!

Uses lies to erase truths and turn wild beings into domesticated beings.

Deforesting erases the truth of the trees and the community they supported, which is replaced by the lies of civilisation with its uses for the trees. Timber is a lie. No tree was born or lived to become a house or a chair. Living beings are born to be living beings. Trees are born to fulfil their own desires, to support other living beings through their pursuit of this and to rot when they die and give back to the world some more.

I was born to fulfil my own desires, to support other living beings in my pursuit of my desires and to rot away into nothingness in my death, giving back to the world.

This is the truth of all living beings. This truth is life.

The first lie of civilisation: domestication.

“This cow was born for human use and consumption”

“This horse was born to pull this plough”

“This land exists for humans to dominate”

“This black stuff exists for humans to burn”

These are but some of the lies of domestication. These are but some of the lies of civilisation. These are but some of the lies of this culture. These are lies and lies only serve to keep us further from the real world.

Need other examples?

How about this –

“This child was born to be seen and not heard; to be well mannered, behaved and a good child; to play as and when instructed to do so; to eat as and when instructed to do so; to be bored until such time authority tells them otherwise and to accept such boredom; to be domesticated”.

What about this then –

“You were born with the sole purpose to support this culture through life sapping work that robs you of your dignity and autonomy, and allows you to continue to pay for your existence”.

How is it obvious that this is a lie? If it were true it wouldn’t require so much violence to make people believe.

Violence is at the core of this. Not natural anarchic destruction or violence as defence; violence as authority. It requires the violence of fathers, churches, schools, states and more other perpetrators than I can (or need to) list.

Violence forces non-believers to comply.

Wild ones know that the truths of civilisation amount to an abyss of nothingness and for that we are called nihilists. Through denying the myths that exist only in words in the structures of languages and placing our being in existence, being wild shatters the lies of the civilised and breaths life into being; being into life.

What does civilisation tell you?

It tells you that you are a “me”, that you are a self. This self is defined through how you support civilisation, it is defined by your use as a commodity.

This is a lie.

You are not a “me”.

Your being is greater than that.

Your being is animal, primal and real.

Language cannot construct a prison of lies that can encapsulate your being.

The gnashing, shitting, breathing, screaming, fucking being that you are is not a thing. Your birth is not an arrival, nor your death a departure. We enter the world as a consciousness of nothingness, exist in this state and die as such.

This nothingness is freedom. This nothingness is life. Life is freedom. Life is being. Being is existence. Existence is everything.

The lies of domestication cannot surmount to the truth of being; to the truth of you and I.

The truth that we are wildlife.

The truth that the living world is wild.

The truth that what this culture seeks to hide from and destroy is wildness and is being.

This culture is a lie.

The deception exists in all this culture creates; in all it does.

This culture is shadows dancing on the walls of a cave. Fuck Plato! Diogenes was right, truth is with the beasts.


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  1. Enjoyed reading this. I can’t remember if i told you but i found an interesting paper about paleolithic quality of life. It’s pretty interesting. I can dig it out if you want?


      1. Awesome 🙂 Ii’ve got a blog which has a couple of really old articles that i’ve written (2014) and i’ve got some stuff on Freedom News under Ned Ludd
        I’ll email you for more info


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