There are no real Men

There are no real Men. The biological real of genetic males exist, but there are no real Men. Man exists as a territorialized imago. This phantasmic entity of the Man functions as the fetishized primary unit of capitalist and civilised production. Within the onto-theology of this technological production, Man is made in Gods image (just as much as God is made in Mans). Alienated from the desiring-production of the natural socius of earth’s body-without-organs and into the sublimated production of civilisations symbolic theatre, Man exists castrated, desperately reaching out for his balls and ever attempting to convince himself (and everyone else) that he still has them. 
To quote Tyler Durden “our fathers were our models for God. If our fathers bailed, what does that tell us about God? ….. Fuck damnation, fuck redemption. If we are Gods unwanted children, so be it!” This quote perfectly encapsulates the economic crisis of recent years and its immediate responses. Has not the hipsterism of hyper-masculine commodity culture – where manhood has become fetishized object for consumption – of recent years not been a direct result of the death of the capitalist dream? Man can no longer seek his balls through the economic means he was led to believe he could. So now he seeks it through making a Spectacle of his body as an act of recuperation – hipster beards, gym cult(ure)s and incessant broing. This is the nihilism Nietzsche forewarned in the wake of the death of God; Man exists devoid of the phallus that once constructed meaning in his life and in pure passivity. 
This symbolic ideological social category, that has served as the means of Man’s domination through patriarchy, colonialism, statism, morality and ecocide, and it’s current collapse – with hyper-masculinisms desperate attempt to retain the old orders – mirrors the crisis civilisation faces now. ISIS and their desperate attempts to grasp their dick and balls, and shove them in the faces of all westerners are part of this process. Donald Trump and his masculine narcissistic attempts to get us to believe in the phantasy of his gigantic penis, in whatever ideological form it might take, is too. Man is no longer a warrior, not even a soldier – just a mere unit of production – and so must technologically mediate himself from this fact through his ability to enact his role in video games; sublimating his anxiety and lack within the bullshit symbolic theatre. 

What are Men to do in this situation? The answer seems obvious; abandon the Symbolic phallus and all that entails (stop oppressing women, destroying the planets ecosystems, colonising and dominating through violences supported by “moral” and legal apparatus). With this real men -[edit] notice the use of a small m to distinguish between biological state and social category like in first paragraph (hate to add this in and break flow but a couple men desperately grasping for their balls in their comment section critiques missed it) – must embrace their symbolic castration, the iconoclastic nihilism of that deterritorialization, claim their real material balls and renounce their passivity.

Active nihilism necessitates both creation and destruction. This is because active nihilism is life – in the natural non-domesticated sense – and life is a process of creation and destruction. This wild animal being is surely more favourable to that of the pre-prescribed socially normative meta-narrative of manhood, as this is an act of individual reclamation, of self actualising? In the fluidic flow of natural flux, this man – the unman or superman (or however you want to call it) – never exists as a singular unit and so exists outside commodification, outside fetishization, outside alienation, as an immediatist radically free deterritorialized autonomous situation/space/location/zone/entity. 

Let’s leave behind Man, grasping his cock that oozes blood and semen, grotesque from 10,000 years of perpetual wank-fest. Leave him to his dying phantasies and let’s create something real. 



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