To the Wild Ones

This is a letter to the wild ones, who this culture is a seeking to slaughter to hide their shame, in cowardice. The awakened feral, who see what is being done and why, will not let this happen unchallenged and will do everything in our power to stop the domesticated. By day and night and through all means at our disposal, this is our promise. Too much has been taken by this culture, too much has been lost in the great forgetting. These islands have been ravaged by this culture; the forests, woodlands, living communities left in ruin through the violence of the ecocidal-technological-mechanical-monstrosity that has cut, burned, killed, tilled and mined the life from these islands. You know this already; you live it. In a landscape ravaged by domestication and the domesticated, you feel this every day. We see this violation of your lives and will not let it go unchallenged. There is an intimate relationship between our freedom and yours, between our feral being and your wild life. We see you play, run and dance across this land in elegant grace and beauty, and we find our own wildness, that they seek to oppress. We remember what they seek to suppress; we feel what they repress; what they sublimate we embrace; this serving as the energy we use to destroy their means of oppression. This is why we will not walk away and will do all we can. Their use of intimidation will not stop us, because we burn like a fire that is fuelled by an impassioned rage that will not be quelled by any means at their disposal. To quote John Zerzan –

This is the age of disembodiment, when our sense of separateness from the Earth grows and we are meant to forget our animality. But we are animals and we co-evolved, like all animals, in rapport with other bodily forms and aspects of the world”.

We don’t forget and no technological mediation, cultural construct, theology, aspect of state apparatus, spectacle or whatever weapon they seek to use will stop this. This is not a moral fight; this is part of a battle to reclaim, regain and sustain our core wild authentic well being – life. This is not a collectivist fight; we are equally extensions of univocal being that they seek to repress in cowardice towards the wildness of being and exist this way as individuals-as-the-world. This is a fight for our selves, not as arbitrary social constructs territorialised as objects within language, but as deterritorialised partial-objects being-in-the-world as multilateral beings within a univocal multiplicity. Your fight and struggle is ours equally, and we will not back down or shy away. Their icons fall and reveal themselves to be nothing more than rock. On black thorns you’ll find our blood, glistening red in the woods. You’ll find our foot prints in the leaf litter, as we find your tracks through the woodland. We walk together, as they walk to their deaths, through their culture of death. We will bring their ruin and make this our vow to you. 



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