Atlases and Territory 

This force is entropic 

From micro to macro politics 

Permeating as is goes

In lyrical flows

Drives of passion 

Smash the bottle so you can glass them

Oh no there goes his face 

What did you create? 

And I wanna stop the poem

But the lines keep on going 

With the ecological collapse 

Someone get an atlas 

Your lines of territorialization 

Fabricating wars to justify colonisation 

Trapped in the symbolic theatre of what’s Left

You’d have to choke me to steal my last breath 

You traded forests for the pavement 

Now insincerely you phane amazement 

You can be Faust praying to Baal for rain

Seeking salvation in bad faith 

But the machine it bleeds and we’re back to entropy

Elements collide, fissures open from underneath 



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