Living in the End of History 

“It’s like the worlds gone mad”

These words, in this combination – as well as derivatives of it – seem to be prevailing in the cyberverse. 

A general disgust at the past year, boarding on disenfranchisement, interlaced with a romantic attachment to an idealised future that people are having to accept is not to be realised, is dominating discussion in the cyberverse. 

Why wouldn’t it? Liberals, leftists, right-wingers, greens, etc., had all pinned their hopes and dreams on the promises of a culture whose ability to dominate functioned as the perceived theological absolute of religious orders – and when the Lord speaks his followers obey. But Brexit, President Trump, ecological collapse, worsening refugee crisis/situation in Syria and Iraq, and far more examples than I can list, has killed much of this dream. 

Nuclear war, mass extinction events and the death of Leonard Cohen are decoding, deconstructing, disassembling all that this culture had relied upon as truth. 

This truth was to be obeyed as the liberator to grant it’s believers freedom. “Obey my coding and the boundaries I set upon the world; my ideals, axioms and principles; my technic of monetary apparatus, the state-military apparatus, the industrial-post-industrial-colonial system; the cyberverse and digit-sphere. When you do this you will be free, liberated, equal and eternal”. 

Many prior to now realised the falsity in these promises and tried to reveal them to those who didn’t see. But lies uttered again in pure techno-spectacle of alienated promises – the techno-utopian vision this culture promised – and in technological inauthenticity they/we believed and retained our psychic mediation. 

But the overcoding is revealing itself as little more than phantasy and abstraction. And in the decoding people, who have long believed in the narrative presented before them, are finding that they live in a psychotic world. 

At this stage the account is this “we/I am the sane one. It’s them who are psychotic.” Clinging to the promises of modernity, liberalism, scientism and both socialistic and patriotic utopianisms, all those in despair over the current situation seem in utter denial, flabbergasted by what they are witnessing. 

While this is in fluctuation – two weeks ago it was televangelists preaching Armageddon should Clinton be elected, now it is chat show comedians despairing over Trump – this is the defining feature of our time (there are of course more examples than this one – I’m simply using it due to it’s current relevance in discourse). 

We’re reaching a point of intensivity within the deteritorialised, unbounded, landscape we’d come to know of our geo-socio-political landscape – like the transition from boiling water to vapor – that is amounting to a de-historicising singularity. This singularity, that amounts to the world “history” has sought to produce through advancement, from the plough to the IPad, being lost in collapse, is the intensivity of contemporary conditions – we’ve experienced many of these phenomenon previously but not this intensively. The neurotic-psychotic madness is at it’s most intensive and is collapsing in sheer totalising delirium. 

The decoding, deconstruction and disesembling of all of this is not occurring without insincere attempts at recoding, reconstruction and reasembling by the priesthood and followers who desperately want to retain history’s orders, castes and sacrificial rituals. 

But what more do those of us who value the living, unbounded, world over history and it’s coding, transcribing and attempts to bind Being to a technological-ontotheology need than iconoclasm and wildness? These are the same weapons used by the rest of the world, from earthquakes and hurricanes, to the plant life that resists the concrete. 


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