The Shattering of Amber 

Trapped in amber 

We melt like candle wax 

Into a cool stream

That permeates walls into becoming 

Like a cloud that defies description 

There can be no inscription 

You lack the diction 

Flow of the motion 

Like birds in the sky

Or fish in the ocean 

There is no repeat or return 

We are a wild fire that burns and burns

Call me the river or wind 

Can you find roots that begin?

The presupposition of a present to enframe 

But it all slips away 

The false dichotomy of life and decay 

It all changes and breaks 

Like a forest in flames to make way for the seed

The present springs forth

Like blood gushing as we bleed

The red flow from the heart to the ground 

A new spatial field 

Whose lines escape cartography in the details 

The colour of the amber pervaides the sight

The melting, a reminder of being alive 

Take the blood from another with the edge of a knife 

If a tree would bleed you clean water to drink to quench your first you’d drink it

In caves, with still quiet pools, you wouldn’t think it

But there no fountains atop mountains 

And you’re licking droplets off the rock walls 

In a place devoid of scent 

The absence it consumes all

You’re all the children of Abraham 

Laid out as sacrificial lambs 

In your Faustian bargains 

Trading on the market floor 

Get out of my sunlight 

Your shadows draw the lines 

Inscribing a map behind 

The presence of dimensions in shape and time 

The ending isn’t traumatic or static 

It’s just death 

The transience of our flow through breath 

Another becoming 

Now let the sun in


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