Verse For a Dark Night

It is a dark night

Clouds hide the constellations

A celestial sphere hidden

A cartography unreadable

A blackness lifted by faint moonlight

Rustling wind and light rain grant transient motion to the apparent stillness

The sound of a car can be heard in the distance

An incursion as it rumbles closer up the hill

The sound grows and lessens as it passes

The wet stone is cold for bare feet

In the dark, only the outline of the tree in front of the house can be seen

It looms over ominously, like a giant shadow on the night sky

Its dimensions hazy and undefined

In its branches there are many asleep

Its significance is lexically cursive

The flow of its meaning spreads out, permeating immanently

The wind is like a song long forgotten, but always at the tip of the tongue

And here I am

Beneath a black sky

Stood before the shadowy figure of the tree

Feet cold

Listening to a song on the breeze

Another car can be heard in the distance

Another interruption in the flow

Another moment ending

The transience marked by a sign

The image marked by reference

The reference an interruption

It has got to be close to midnight now

I should go bed

But the moment hasn’t arrived

It is just not the right time

Time has to arrive for the event to happen that sequences to the next event doesn’t it?

Where are we?


We are not at that time

This is the moment!

It is definitely closer to midnight

Unless we are now moving away from it, whatever that means

Horological signification, without the Sun as referent

A rising sensation of wild, unfettered, nakedness courses from under my skin

Into the muscles on my arms

Travels down my back

Down my legs

To my feet, still cold from the wet stone

This is a dark night

A night devoid of stars

With only faint hints of moonlight through a thick blanket of clouds

A looming tree, that stands monolithically

The transient song of the wind and rain

Sleep is closing in around me

So I return to write these words and dive into the warm comfort of my bed


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