Bone-blade In Their Right Hand, Acorns In Their Left

That figure on the hillside

In their right hand they hold a knife carved from bone

In their left hand they hold a sack full of acorns

People would look upon the figure in confusion and distrust 

“Who is this being who’s footprints leave runes in the ground?

Who calls to the hawk, deer and fox, that answer them back? 

They could not be a man, for their claws and teeth, yet they run across the surface of the earth like a man!”

This is what people would say when discussing this being

Often they would only catch a glimpse, as the creature ran through the town at night

Children would lie and claim they had seen it in it’s home in the forest past the hills, but children are clumsy and noisy, and the creature hides itself from them 

For the creature, though a trickster, saboteur and thief, was not so cruel as to frighten children 

But never without their knife, the creature would use the bone blade to pick locks, to steal what was stolen, and to sabotage the machines of the towns people

For this being is vengeful and takes delight in ludic vengeance against those who cut down the forest, ploughed the land, dammed the river and stole their friends homes

One day though the creature lead the children away from the town, so it could enter with them far away and safe from the flames they unleashed, after freeing imprisoned wild horses, in revenge of the barbaric engagement and all those other acts

The mothers and fathers were alerted by the creatures call, but nothing could be done to save the town, which burned to the ground 

And after the children return to find their parents safe, they all stare at the figure on the hill

Who in their right hand they hold a knife carved from bone

And in their left hand they hold a sack full of acorns


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