Sun And Moon In The Sky

Before I was born, I was a seed inside fruit 

When I fell to the ground, I stretched out my roots 

And my body decayed, but I didn’t care

As from what remained, propelled in the air

And I wandered the landscape, until I found the sea

Where a man was telling stories that I did not believe 

He danced upon skulls, to prove his worth 

But he hadn’t slain, but pulled them from the dirt

And the skulls they would chatter about seeking revenge 

But without their bodies, all they did was pretend 

So I gathered those bones and made carvings all day 

And when the tide came in, it washed them away

And someone was laughing, before the night sky

I went to question, they said “I’m going to die

So please take my flesh and feast on my meat

Make flutes from my bones and dance in the street”

So I feasted on them, for several days 

And my belly grew big, from their remains 

And the flute from their rib made exquisite sounds

So I planted it deep into the ground and from it grew a pack of wild hounds 

Who ran to the forest and rolled in the mud 

But when I caught up with them, there was only blood 

Because that dancing man he’d come and he’d slain

So I went to find him and end his days

Inside a cave he lay in his bed

He was talking to shadows until I ripped off his head 

And I feasted on him and carved a blade from his bones 

And put what was left back on the stone

Now you may question the morals of this act

But I’d do it again if I could go back 

And onwards I danced with sun and moon in the sky

Because the night was the day and the day was the night

And vampires in confusion abandoned what they knew 

They went out in the sun and went up in fumes

And I bore a fruit, which I dropped to the ground 

With the wind and rain it moves unbound 


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