A Dionysian Feast

The sun

Has returned 

With its ever loving cosmic burn

Signalling the start of the day 

Birds, beasts and children all proclaim its rise

As the night time dies 

And we are Dionysian 

And with his blade in hand

Here comes that mighty man

To pay his debt to Apollo 

And summon tomorrow 

What an ugly creature 

What a senseless waste

An interruption in the flow of the place 

A cosmic diffusion 

Trying to satisfy mass delusion 

Radiation sanctified in national proclamation 

Sarin gas and bombs lack the honesty of bare knuckles and a knife 

Of the weapons of a saboteur in the night

Who embraces the cosmic delight 

Of the event in the present moment 

The joy of free play 

Free actualising expression 

Of a self dynamically extending in multiple directions 

Fuck the Tower of Babel 

Flood this shit again 

Origins require singular points of original truth that the waters will wash away

Nations, markets and armies

Genocides over land for farming 

This ain’t animalistic territorialising 

This your cowardice and you’re in hiding 

I’ll be a song bird in flight 

Riding the air currents in the darkness of night 

Crossing geo-spatial vectors 

Like a bee dancing for nectar 

While you’re sanctifying spectres

As you’re sat watching Spectre 

And you’re trying to digest her

The great elector

Cosmic director 

A conscientious objector 

Afraid to get blood on your hands or dirt on the soles of your feet

And you can’t bless the meek because you cannot give them the earth 

Forests turned to deserts and the geography is just dirt

The feral aren’t blessed but put to the test they’ll survive due to cosmic unrest

And only the dead are settled 

Mountains are levelled for urbanisation 

Fuck the nation, your romantic adoration 

The project of deanimation 

But now we’re reaching the problem, because the day doesn’t end with the night, nor is night day’s end 

And this fabricated field of history is what we want to transcend

And as we lack an origin, we also lack an end

Transcendental materialism, the theology of the day 

I just want to be among those who kill the Leviathan and feast on its remains


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