Moral Sanctification Through Opposition 

Apart from God, the Devil is the most revered member of the Abrahamic pantheon. Through the attempt at actively rejecting him, Satan (or whatever else he is being called) is held up as an icon to tremble before, in cowardice and renunciation. Which is, as you might expect, exactly what he would want (should the devil be real) – with the boundary line between love and hate being always subject to spacio-temporal flux and corresponding topological/cartographic redefining, the Devil must take immense pleasure in the hatred he receives, which can so easily reterritorialise/change/transform/mutate into love.

This is seemingly true of all moral based hatred. The communist makes an icon out of capital and unwittingly kneels before it in reverence. The capitalist makes an icon out of the state and the commune and unwittingly kneels before them in reverence. Liberals raise the politically incorrect up to be the supreme evil in our pantheon, cowering before their might. Homophobes sanctify those acts they fear and despise so severely, making them far more irresistible to those tempted to indulge these acts of joyous passion. Misanthropes raise humanity above the animal kingdom, above the ecosystem and biosphere, to be the ultimate and all-powerful evil, which must be rejected in moral purity. 

This is the message of moral opposition – revere this icon via a ritually encoded hatred of them; treat them as the most ugly, most vile thing in all the world(s) and turn them into a mysterious, fear inspiring big Other, to tremble before as its gaze looks upon your naked flesh and sees you for the creature you are. And with this, the moral grants this entity virtualised (psychically and digitally) power and authority, which then turns into embodied (through the immediate animal body and through (inauthentic) machinic token-technological extensions of the animal body) power and authority. 

Donald Trump, ISIS, Le Pen, Jeremy Corbyn (and whatever cults they stand as representative members of the priesthood of) are all sanctified through moral despisal of them. Moral-anarchists (should we accept this contradiction, given how often they reveal themselves to be secret quasi-statists) sanctify those political bodies they despise so much, rendering “No Gods, No Masters” a slogan for public worship. And in the Spectacle of fetishised marketable moral opposition, cannibalism through charity, purchasable acts of resistance and trendavist herdisms, public worship has come to dominate even those aspects of life previously not consumed by this cultures mythology – while domestication has been the daily norm since the arrival of this culture, it is only very recently that we became able to share memes about national pride while taking a shit (in a weird act of psycho-sexual retention).

The iconoclast, in their egoist ethic based in their immediate embodied welfare, does not sanctify that which afflicts them – like a disease that infects their being, they treat that which they hate as something to be overcome and annihilated, furthering their animalistic self-empowering. The feral do not sanctify the Leviathan, looking upon it as an evil icon to revere and hold at bay, but as a beast to be attacked in their cosmic dances across the body of the Earth. Sanctification and reverence through moral opposition stagnates and disempowers, and the combination of both stagnancy and disempowerment is not only getting boring (as fuck!) but is raising those that I hate to the level of ritualised worship that they(/no-one) deserves. My personal desire would be for those isolators I have means of reaching out to to find themselves immersed in the world, to see past the mythologies of moralised reverence and to hear the egoistic call of the wild. 


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