Salvationist Electoralism

In the wake of Brexit and the rise of President Trump in the states, republicans in the UK are pushing the “register to vote” line again. 

To Trump voters, he represented the resurgence of the American Dream, albeit one with a nationalist twist. Promises of greatness through capitalism and military might. Trump represents the return to Americas manifest destiny – ultimately being the road to ruin. 

Brexit arrived during the collapse of Pax Europea, as ISIS, refugees and other factors stirred up nostalgia for the Pax Britannica of former national glory in much of the British public. For those of us of a general Leftexit it had a reasonable amount of anti-corporate and anti-colonial sentiment, along side a sincere pessimism either way. Liberals now hope to save us from Brexit; Conservatives hope to save us through it. 

I was told that the French election saved Europe from the rise of right wing popularism. But that sentiment fails to account for the reasons behind the rise of that milieu. And those conditions are worsening daily. 

For many of my Leftist friends Corbyn represents the NHS and many other institutions from privatisation, despite the fact that he has much of his own party against him, as well as what would be the opposition. For many he represents saving Foxes from May, despite the fact that the Fox Hunt Ban doesn’t stop scummy sports hunters from doing what they do. 

Representative electoral politics has its own set of issues in-itself, working on the (false) presupposition that there is anything inherently positive in politics. This mode of political engagement reduces the voter to a cog in a machine, in the machinical (spelling intended) body of the Leviathan. And as Emma Goldman stated – if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal. 

Salvation for this culture means maintaining this culture, which means maintaining ecocide, slavery, militarism, specicide and everything else that defines civilisation. The Pax peace we’ve known at home has been the exportation of exploitation abroad,  something I find undesirable. And in my anti-civ accelerationism towards the collapse, which seems the only long-term solution to the aforementioned shitty aspects of civilisation, I’m not seeking salvation. So I’m not exercising my “right to vote and have your voice heard”. My voice cannot be represented and I will sing the song of revolt and resistance. 

Vote if you want; I don’t dislike this religious narrative any more or less than any other within civilisation. 


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