Ships Passing in the Night 

We are like ships passing in the night

We have too many candles but no flint to create light

And the illumination of a nation through a pedagogy so Absurd

Leaves a world limited by a language which contains too many words 

And the flames rise higher with this wild fire, so you raise temples to your Gods

Forgetting to remember what it is that you forgot 

With your phallus in your hand 

You make believe you’re the son of Sam 

Laying cages in the night 

You best believe we’re taking flight 

And you forget the truth you perceive as a curse

Because you’ve been condemned to this earth through birth

And the body that over ages you forgot

Neglect has led to decay and rot

There’s no regression in a transient present and no future to arrive 

So we from the cliff into the sea we dive

In this becoming-animal, becoming-forest, becoming-river, becoming-sea

The only words that deserve to be heard flow from your hand as it bleeds


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