Beginnings at the End 

What is ending is beginning 

What is beginning is at an end

Like a fire in the night

Finding solace with good friends 

With apocalyptic Mystics 

Who find beauty in the trees

We find beauty in the sunshine 

As we bleed into the sea

Deep in the undergrowth 

Something will arise

Like a mountain hiding secrets

Secret eruptions hide inside 

Don’t be afraid 

No, laugh before the dawn 

Dance under the rain 

And sing along with the storm

The song of the night before the day 

The rising of the suns flames 

Testament to what remains 

But a song for all that’s changed 

A beauty outside of words

Often ignored, it goes unheard

By the faithful fucking herd

With no appreciation for the birds

Imagination dies

As civilisation hides

All that is beautiful 

From the dawn 

But storms will rage

And the beauty of the flames 

Only shall be quelled by the rain 

But at the bitter end 

We return to the pleasure of our friends 

And the warmth of those we love 

With our bodies flush with blood 

The heat rises like a flood 

Oh the end of history 

A kiss to all that’s free

The ending is beginning 

What began is at an end

Amidst the rain and flames 

We embrace our lovers and friends 


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