Enemy of Meliorism: Anti-Politics

The delusion that we live in a post-ideological globalist-society seems impossible to maintain in the present moment. The Spectacle of Sander and Corbyn and communism fetishism, coupled with the popularity of far-right politicians like Trump, Clinton, May and Marie Le Pen, bring the narratives of socio-cosmological dualistic battles between the conflicting ideological bodies of the left, who want to propel society further forward into history and a romantic future, and the right, who want to retain/retent/conserve history as an ideal to aspire towards in the present and in the “future”, more and more into our daily lives.

Within this dualism, the onto-theological platform/battle-field is that of civilisation, history; a progressive narrative, defined by technological, colonial and ecocidal violence.

Marx argued that the man-kind produces history, through dominating nature, transforming nature and inso doing transforming themselves. This stems from his embrace of the concept of dialectics, whereby dualistic conflict between competing histories (thesis-anti-thesis) synthesise into progression and history maintains its idealised teleological trajectory.

We’ve all seen the waste product of the Marxist production of history, their revolutionary project. While they might raise cultish ideological icons up, as psycho-geographical totem’s to internalise their socio-normative dogmas, the history they have created is dominated by narratives of monstrous acts of genocide and ecocide, culminating in a present where megalomaniacs rule their totalitarian territories and nuclear war is looking increasingly likely.

The leftist church of history has succeeded in propelling this planet and civilisation to ruin, and has failed at being an oppositional force to those they sought to oppose, though perhaps winning some battles regarding pop-culture and everyday socially normative behaviour (to a limited degree).

The right-wing church of history is becoming increasingly vocal and active, amidst the collapse of the left, as we saw with the rise of the alt-right and recent events in Charlottesville. Their project is one of inauthenticity in response to existential despair over the emptiness of their cultures socio-political normative ideal – the Western dream, of Euro-American sovereignty, this culture’s expansionist “manifest destiny”, the projected trajectory of the project of history, has lead to nothing but ecological and socio-cultural ruin, as a rising tide of Islamism and Asian-Marxism attempts to claim and dominate the ruins of a biosphere and civilisation in collapse.

Neither of these churches, nor their iconography, hold anything of value for us, as we strive to live lives and survive in the wastelands they have produced.

But not enough is said of the space between these conflicting churches, which resides in the same onto-theological platform of history – that of the liberal-centrist orthodoxy.

A champion of liberalism and, like Marx, lover of the Hegelian dialectic, Fukuyama, in his evolutionist perspective on social-ontics – one which misunderstands evolutionary processes, taking them to be a progression towards an ideal, rather than adapting to the transient flux of the wild – argues that centrist-capitalist liberal democracy is the end point of history’s progression, the teleological ideal, and that history is at its end. This notion is one that would seem false, given the rise Islamism and Asian-Marxism, were it not for the ecological and militarian ruin that lies before us, as the body of the world we are immersed within. So, despite techno-utopian post-humanist/trans-humanist ideological romantic ideals, it appears this Christian eschatology holds true, though through negation of its own ideal.

And here we find ourselves, in the present, amidst the ideological apparatus of progressivism and the narratives of its modality. Within the geo-spatial vectors and psycho-geography of the end point of history, with dialectic conflicts of antifa vs nazis, US vs North Korea, Corbyn vs May and others propelling us further into the depths of history, as this culture becomes more-and-more immersed within the Spectacle of hyper-realism’s ideology, with the desert of the Real, and all the existential dread it brings us (to be perpetually technologically mediated from, through Symbolic narratives of idealised dogmas), before us, we are left in the despair of the now.

The present now is what the idea of progress attempts to flee from, what history/civilisation flees from through its very being.

What the end point of history and the desert of the Real reveal is that the notion of multiple and competing histories, the basis of much of postmodern thought, which served as an alternative historical narrative to those of the Enlightenment progressives, is a farce, and that histories battles have been between different heads of the hydra that is civilisation, the Leviathan – offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Each time you cut off a head another two sprout, through militarism, ecocide and discourse, and the Leviathan keeps on consuming, with Athena, born from the head of Zesus, is not here to provide a golden sword.

Striking at the heads of this beast only serve the project of history and civilisation, meliorism, as means of perpetuating the progress towards ruin and the expanding desert of the Real, while mediating the players from their actions through the spectacle of hyper-realism. And while obvious enemies are found within competing histories, those of fascism, communism, techno-progressivism, the activities of those oppositional to the Leviathan and its relentless violence should not be that of violence towards its heads, which will only serve to sprout new ones. Rather our activities are better served, if we actually desire what we desire, creating points of destruction against the body of the monster and undermining history itself, to bring it to collapse as fast as possible.

This is the iconoclastic project of the feral, as enemies of meliorism and history.

This is a rejection of the false promises of progress and the false dichotomies of leftism and rightism.

This is what eco-radicals of radical environmentalist, eco-extremist, guerrilla ontologist, eco-anarchist, naturist and any other milieu who share in the desire for the end of the Leviathan and its violence must engage in, in pursuit of our desire for a living thriving biosphere and a body we can dance upon as living beings, wildlife, naked before the setting sun.


(Please excuse where the image came from – the meme just seemed appropriate)

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