What Is Julian Langer Talking About?

“(Personally, I really have no idea what JL is taking about)”

The quote was part of a comment in an online discussion I was tagged into.

Of course, what I’m talking about is generally specific to its topic, but there are themes across my thought – some of which I’ll briefly state in a second. I have continually expected anyone reading me to interpret through their subjective gaze and have never wanted to appeal to anything permanently objective. My choice in style and vocabulary is intentional, partly because most of what I read on the internet I find boring and I also am not writing for a disengaged reader (who just wants their own opinion thrown back at them, to confirm their ideology); but for the most part I write how I write because I want to write how I write, in my individualist praxis. I also do not believe the world or our situation is clear, simple or understandable, in logical, humanised, scientific senses; so I’m not really trying to be any of them.

Anywho, brief descriptions of some of my themes –

God’s Eye Views

The world is not flat and we are not above it. There’s always obstacles to your vision, and when you’re exploring the other side where you were might have changed. Dogmatism sucks and I’m far more interested in the perspectives of animals wandering on the forest floor, than of people in planes, thinking their God, trying to know what is going on beneath the trees.

Guerilla Ontology

We live in a built Reality, comprised of cultures, ideologies, religions, roads, towns, cities, farms, factories, televisions, iPhones, pornography, Alex Jones, badger traps and other technologies that keep us psychically and bodily at a distance from what is Real. What is Real is pre-linguistic and ineffable – so kind of mystical, but not spiritual – which means talking about it is ultimately absurd(, but fuck it, why not be absurd?). My instinct is that what is pre-linguistically Real includes basically all of what we’d call wildlife and my desire is to see the Reality that violates what is Real (to sustain its existence) deconstructed and destroyed; to allow wildlife to do what its gonna do without coercion or control.

Eco-anarchist praxis is then the deconstruction and destruction of Realities – which includes way more than what many green/primitivist anarchists are talking about/discussing/doing. This Reality (that is one and many, and is getting increasingly totalitarian) is often called History – as it is the machine that History has built (and is) – which extends into the future exponentially.


We’re doomed, existentially always were, but fuck it, let’s do shit anyway! Every creature that has struggled to live through any extinction event has done so out of will-to-life, will-to-power and an absurd refusal to give up. You were always gonna die at the end of your life, so why not live right now?

Loving Badgers

I have an instinctive desire for authentic experience and a love of living beings. I can conceive of no moral justifications for anyone to do anything, but my experience of love and sense of empathy towards others leads me to believe that the best way to affect people, so as to encourage rewilding and wild rebellion, is to dance with what you love and be openly in revolt and revulsion against what you hate. I don’t believe that people are going to find relationships with their animality, or the living world that they are Extensions of, through the highly rational choreographies of primitivists (alone), or will seek to attack this culture out of anarchist inspired hatred for it (alone). Without falling in love (collapsing into a wild confusing abyss), there is only a reductive, rational, Reality being built.

Becoming Animal

The machine Reality is a product of humanisation, so I am dehumanising myself and attempting to dehumanise the world (or at least as much of the world that I am able to affect). Becoming animal is weird, difficult, can appear pretentious (but fuck all societal expectations of modesty) and is similar to what Stirner, Nietzsche and Diogenes were talking about, but is not the same – as species is a humanised category, every animal is different and unique, so this is an individualist process and no one can tell you how to do it.

Radical (fucking) Monism

Everything is fucking One (which is plural). There is One of me and you, and we are One of One, which is One with One – but there’s no numbers, so One is Nothing and no-Thing. There is no salvation or anywhere else to go to. Everything that is created is destroyed and destruction allows creation. You are the world you want to affect and the world affect you is you.


While I don’t advocate revolutions, I’d dance with Emma Goldman any day!

Why rebel if it weren’t fun? Why are most radicals so radically boring, with their serious-real(ity)ist scowls? It’s always been a giant cosmic joke, with your death as the punchline (only to find you’ve not escaped and are still here, but different); so have a sense of fun!

Why can’t nihilists give free hugs, just out of a desire to do it? Why shouldn’t eco-anarchist attacks also be games? Why do revolutionary work, if it just extends the machine of work?

Radical environmentalism and anarchist thought is tragically lacking in comedy, ridiculousness and absurdity.

Why would anyone read your manifesto, if it has no poetry?

(This might not be an explicit theme, but has certainly been an undercurrent to my approach).


Leftists, you might not be as crappy as the right (in some aspects), but you’re still dickheads! Only evangelicals like evangelicals. Quit trying to coerce everything to fit your narrative! Shhhhhhhh.

Deal With Monsters

There are no safe spaces and you’re only safe when you’re dead. The world is dangerous, so if we’re going to Be-in-the-world we are choosing to engage with endangered living beings and dangerous machines.

I don’t believe in avoidance, and am convinced that honesty and integrity are more powerful than moral platitudes or gang mentality.

There is nowhere to runaway to, so why try to?


With my revolt against History, I prefer the actions of individuals and groups, such as Hunt Saboteurs, ELF, ALF, Post-Situationists and others who do not wait for the right “Time”, but practice immediatism, by fighting right here, right now. Revolutionaries can sit and wait all they want, but the future never gets here,

What Julian Langer is talking about will be different alway, because the world is always different, we are always different and they are always different. But those are some persistent themes within my thoughts and writings.

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