Thoughts on the Situation in Syria 10/10/19

What is happening in Syria is, as it has been, fucking horrific.

The situation seems to me to place “us” – or at least myself – somewhere strange, but entirely familiar, like being caught between spaces, nowhere but here.

In one space, this is totally immediate. My sensation of disgust and revulsion is immediate. Those experiencing the violence are experiencing it immediately. The ecological crisis that has been such an overlooked aspect of all of this is immediate. It’s right here and right now.

In the Other space, this is a totally mediated event. The weapons are so intensely technologically mediated that there’s very little relationship between the person using them and those experiencing their impact. There’s an intense media spectacle around this that provides a mediated pathway for “us” (the viewer) to navigate through. And the politics/History provide a lens that perceptually mediates.

I don’t think that there are any (simple) answers to any questions you or I have. My instinct is that everything collapses – love, death and anarchy are all gravitational (and earth/body directed) – and have a belief that multiple collapses are happening at once. I’m revolted by the situation, that much I know.

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