Thoughts on Reality Upgrade 2020

We continue to move through the universe, around this galaxy, around this star, on tectonic plates, across the landscapes we find ourselves on, bodily, psychically.

From a cosmicist perspective, the twisting spiral that we have just taken over the passing year is entirely meaningless. What possible value could this vast universe place upon this small hunk of rock, water and irrelevant squishy things? We can all feel kind of sad, but also kind of relieved, and applaud the nihilists we know for being right, even though there is no truth to make them right.

From the perspective of animals who engage in annual cycles, including stupid humans who believe that the date assigned to their birth, or assigned to the birth of some saviour, meaning and value through celebration, the twisting spiral of motion is highly important.

Numerically speaking, we have reached a higher plane of existence – so congratulations civilised Reality, you’ve been upgraded from the 2019 model to the 2020 model, or will be soon. This is a significant upgrade, as it progresses from the type of model that began in 2010, which tried to fix some of the issues found in the 2000 model. The developers developed. Progress was made. You have been improved, as the optimists assure us everything will do.

I’m being cynical, of course.

It seems to be that there are 4 positions –

  • The past was a dream and the future will be a nightmare.
  • The past was a nightmare and the future will be a dream.
  • The past was a dream and the future will be a dream.
  • The past was a nightmare and the future will be a nightmare.

Right now is being awake, caught between either sleep-states. Today is where we are, as I wrote in my article on tomorrow– and we are doomed to today.

Right here, right now, is the location of presentist philosophy and immediatist anarchist praxis. Presentism destroys time, as in past and future. Immediatism is a revolt against History, in both directions of it being progressed or conserved. I draw from both in my thoughts and practice. Presentism is obvious from an egoist perspective and immediatism is a sensible, rhythmic, processual flow.

Why would a presentist/immediatist be concerned with the numerically superior Reality upgrade of History, if it is just continued interest in sleep-states? Well, in many ways I am not. But, as I encounter this (hyper-)Reality daily, this extoplasmic astral plane of spooks, holographically projected and telepathically injected into our psychic worlds, I am undeniably interested in it.

What was 2019? Well there were uprisings, riots, marches, protests, elections and, progressing from the ridiculousness of racial hatred, sexual and gender based division, classist sectarianism and other “I’m a This and we This folk are better than those Them folk” think, there we saw the rise of generational prejudice.

The ideology of generationalism is intensely fused to time-think and Historicism. This saw the Z’s, Y’s and X’s designate the damn dirty Boomers as objects of evil, due to their apparent non-normative views and lifestyles – much like what inspires the vast majority of Islamophobes and anti-semites. Perhaps the 2020’s will see the rise of more generation based bigotry, as the upgraded progressive development of cultural supremacism and stupid collective-identity – though this is obviously the exploration of a potential nightmare.

As far as this thought for the 2020’s, as a spectral phantasmic entity, goes, what could I consider? Perhaps the potential continuing rise of right-wing popularism would be what a good anarchist ought to think about. Maybe the morally correct thing for an environmentalist to think about at this apparent transition would be positive feedback loops and runaway global warming.

Instead I am going to think about Mars 2020 – the mission to send a rover to the red planet to search for fossilised remains of ancient extra-terrestrial life. Could there be a Cause more appropriate to this culture? Mars signifies salvation to the techno-progressives who dream of future life upon it. This then becomes synthesised with romantic dreams of a past that is lost, in dialectical progression. Rather than arriving at right here, right now, presentist immediatism though, this Cause, in its entirely over-thereness,is nowhere and, with it being entirely technological, is experientially nothing. For the sake of this thought, I am going to give this Cause of contemporary civilisation the term experientialwherelessness.

What is important about experientialwherelessnessis that, while you don’t directly experience it, it both has and will happen to you, so long as you stay within the aforementioned Reality that is progressing into the 2020s. This is most obvious in Brexit, where the traumatic event has happened to you and will have happened to you, is a spaceless space of nowhere, and no one has experienced it.

Don’t mistake experientialwherelessnessfor the absence/nothingness that radical freedom flows through! It has nothing to do with liberation or rebellion, which is immediate and present. Experientialwherelessness is both past and future, entirely sleep-state. My mind moves to Renzo Novatore’s opening to In The Reign of the Phantoms, where he states “I believed it was a frightening dream and instead it’s a bloody reality” – dream and reality, both bloody and frightening, full of promise and hope, being the texture of experientialwherelessness.

In his thoughts on time, John Zerzan states, “Can we put an end to time? Its movement can be seen as the master and measure of a social existence that has become increasingly empty and technicized. Averse to all that is spontaneous and immediate, time more and more clearly reveals its bond with alienation”. Perhaps I will consider what I can do as I find the Reality of 2020 and experientialwherelessnessbecoming louder, brighter and more obnoxious, for myself, and with friends and loved ones. In Feral Iconoclasm I considered creativity and destruction, as both destructive-creativity and creative-destruction, as means of revolting against History, as a presentist anarchist practice I called feral iconoclasm. Perhaps immediatist dinner parties, with flavourful food and live music. Meditation, tree climbing, ecotage and primal screaming are more and more part of my walks through woods, both solitary walks and walks with companions.

I realise as I venture down this contemplative route that I am venturing further down the rabbit hole of dreams. What I will or can do is a journey through an unknowable terrain – from this position at least.

What I have done I encounter in the imaginative dream-state of memory, both beautiful and nightmarick. Those who know me offline, and/or know me better online than most, know that, while my memory of 2019 includes some wonderful personal life experiences, 2019 has been an intensely difficult year for me. The strength, resilience, brilliance and ridiculousness that flows through my body and radiates off of me and is me, has kept going, despite the challenges. Again, after experiencing situations and life challenges that would break many, I have survived and lived, even in my weaker moments, beautifully.

When thinking on this, who I have been and what I have done, my attention immediately turns to what I am doing and who I am. In many ways, I am changed, in the way that flux constantly differentiates, making any stable identity impossible. The rhythmic poetry of the continual rhyme that I am has been sustained the power that I am, that my body contains, that my will-to-life emanates from. My mind again turns to Novatore, only now to the warriors and battles he wrote about in Towards the Creative Nothing – to love sorrow as a means of loving life.

I am this individualist, this egoist, this rewilding/becoming-animal, and, right now, I look at the nightmare of 2020, the dream of the future, the realm of experientialwherelessness, as another situation to overcome, as a means of my empowerment.

And I am an immensely tiny, irrelevant, absurd creature, on a weird lump nomadically spiralling and twisting through spaces that are indifferent to me. If a blackhole were to pull me, this weird lump, Mars (rover and all) and the rest of this solar system into its gravitationally dark depths, this aHistorical, uncivilised, inhuman universe would keep moving. The experientialwherelessness upgrade of Reality means nothing on this scale.

I will end this thought with the poem written by writer of The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto, Max Cafard –

“Welcome to the Idiocene

Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the Obliviocene

It’s the Distractocene

It’s the DontWorryBeHappyocene

It’s the ADHDocene

It’s the SpacedOutocene

It’s the Narcissocene

It’s the WhichWayIsUpocene

It’s the Amneseocene

It’s the NoThereWhenYouGetThereocene

It’s the BlahBlahBlahocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the Comatosocene

It’s the DruggedOutocene

It’s the Wastedocene

It’s the FiddleWithYourIphoneWhileTheWorldBurnsocene

It’s the Shopoholocene

It’s the SoUpI’mDownocene

It’s the Dopocene

It’s the Undeadocene

It’s the Zonkedocene

It’s the Crunkocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the Assbackwardocene

It’s the FoxToldMeIt’sNotTrueocene

It’s the Moronocene

It’s the Stupidocene

It’s the DumbAssocene

It’s the SingleDigitIQocene

It’s the Imbecilocene

It’s the OutToLunchocene

It’s the Nincompoopocene

It’s the Schlemielocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the EndOfTheLineocene

It’s the HotelTerminusocene

It’s the Nightmareocene

It’s the ChickensComeHomeToRoostocene

It’s the Saw15ocene

It’s the UpShitCreekoscene

It’s the OMGocene

It’s the DeadEndocene

It’s the Suicidocene

It’s the Collapsocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the HumptyDumptocene

It’s the Jonestownocene

It’s the WalkingOffACliffocene

It’s the SpringBreaksOverY’allocene

It’s the BuiltOnAnIndianBurialGroundocene

It’s the ThatsAllFolksocene

It’s the EndOfSmileyFaceocene

It’s the Extinctocene

It’s the ItStinksocene

It’s the DeadMeatocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the KickTheBucketocene

It’s the Croakocene

It’s the SwanSongocene

It’s the KillItIfItMovesocene

It’s the LastGaspocene

It’s the GooseIsCookedocene

It’s the ZombiesInTheMallocene

It’s the NightOfTheLivingDeadocene

It’s the EndOfTheRopeocene

It’s the BiteTheDustocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the NoExitocene

It’s the DeadEndocene

It’s the Wastelandocene

It’s the InTheToiletocene

It’s the Screwedocene

It’s the FuckedUpocene

It’s the Trashedocene

It’s the ShotToHellocene

It’s the DeadDuckocene

It’s the Kaputocene

It’s the Idiocene


Welcome to the Idiocene

It’s the CheckOutocene

It’s the ManBearPigWinsocene

It’s the EverythingMageddonocene

It’s the Apocalyptocene

It’s the MadMaxocene

It’s the ShitHitsTheFanocene

It’s the Y2KForRealThisTimeocene

It’s the WeAllGetDarwinAwardsocene

It’s the MoneyTalksNatureWalksocene

It’s the VeryBadSceneocene

It’s the Idiocene


Yes, folks. It’s the Idiocene

Welcome to the Idiocene”


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