A Thought On Earthly Thought

I have continually struggled with the Gods-eye-view that is prevalent within most discourse, radical or non-radical. From a Gods-eye-view position, groups and individuals suppose a position of authority and with it an assumed truism about “what needs to be done”, which serves as justification for any attempt to control through systematising – on macro and micro political scales. I wrote more on this in my piece Some Thoughts On Flat Earthers .

I enjoy and attempt to think more on the earthly level, as I encounter the world. At this level of thinking, you have to move around obstacles, such as trees or large boulders, move through spaces, such as rivers or thorny overgrowth areas of plant growth, and sometimes find yourself as contradictory, like when sat besides a warm fire outside on a cold windy night. This type of thinking means getting muddy and messy. You might get stung when travelling through this space, or trip over a tree root. It is often inhuman thinking, instinctual rather than rational, as it is a psychic realm of our being-animal.

A quality that this space of thought has, which I enjoy, is that it includes being-with, as living-with, innumerable others who live together in different ways. The lives of an oak tree and tribe of badgers might be different in ways that defy any similarisation, but they might live together, probably supporting each other in those egoistically-communistic/biospheric-egalitarian ways that wild-life just seem to do. Rather than the mono-culture of civilisation/egriculture, this realm of wild-Being continually appears to me to be a process of actualising differences and growth of diverse spaces, through continual change.

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  1. This is a beautiful way of comparing that authoritarian ‘over-view’ attitude and that way of being that is non-human. The way all these different species and modes of being: animal, tree, fungi, bird, stream and rock – co-exist and support each others’ being without having to decide who should be in the circle and who should be outside. We are all in the circle, like it or not, but if we choose to pretend we own the circle, we lose all the connections that enable the width and depth of being here now. Thanks for this. May you stay well and continue to share your wisdom.


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