Feral Consciousness, A Book on the Art of Life

A wonderful review of Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods.

Spontaneous Resistance

Finally! I said very excitingly, as I ripped through the envelop which I was sure contained the books I had been waiting for since four weeks ago. And five hours later, I had read the book in its entirety, taken notes, and had been taken by the power of Julian Langer, an author not only with great linguistic abilities, but also the power to ground one’s pre-dispositioned, pre-conditioned consciousness, make it pause, and see for itself, and experience “it” directly. I stood with him at the train station, hearing all the noises, of the people, the shoes touching the ground, and I ran with him through the woods, howling at the moon, and jumping in the sea.

As he walks us from the unnatural to natural, from symbolic to Real, Langer embarks on this voyage allowing us to explore beyond the “cognitive framework” and limitations of language and get…

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