Radical Druidry – a review

This is the second of two book reviews I am doing, with both books being about druidry and politics. The first was on Nimue Brown’s book Druidry and the Future.

Radical Druidry by Christopher Scott Thompson is for the most part a collection of suggested ritual practices for druid-magick practitioners to use for their personal practice. As I am personally a non-believer in theurgic-ritual-construction, I am not going to comment on the rituals. More importantly, while I don’t believe in that-type of practice, I don’t know if they work or do not work, and wouldn’t want anyone to disregard the book at this point, as there is a lot to enjoy in Radical Druidry.

For the most part, Thompson is seeking to provide means of healing the alienation that this culture thrives off of – anyone who has read my Feral Consciousness will instantly get my appreciation for this – and the “broken pact” between humanity and the gods, for ecological recovery. Alongside the various rituals that are presented, the reader is encouraged to engage in direct action seek these aims. This is what Thompson means by fighting Druidry, as a forceful and determined effort, greater than the shallowness of mainstream Green politics and neopagan sentiment.

For those unfamiliar with druiduc-theology and myth, there is a lot of interesting story to explore within each chapter, that Thompson draws from. I don’t think you need to be a believer in polytheism to find something valuable from these stories. Thompson provides the reader with his interpretations of them, which would be useful if you are not used to hermeneutic-interpretation.

You can buy the book from this link – https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/christopher-scott-thompson/radical-druidry/ebook/product-582z2z.html?fbclid=IwAR3U6HBNfKiOT7JbDpOet6jDaYTmBbgo9bQ2ungIzWDdhyz4owNHnFGav5o

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