A Quick Note On Why I Hate Morgue And Hyperianism

Today Facebook reminded me of the Things that are Morgue and his “Hyperianism” (math worshiping gnostic-type body/life renouncing arse-water thought) –

There’s more reasons to be revolted by Morgue’s rhetoric than what I’m going to note here. If I had any appreciation for him I might critique with more detail, but I don’t want to advertise his thought too much here. If you wish to discover more then you can go on YouTube and listen to him Teach for yourself (please don’t buy his book and provide him any financial support)!

The first aspect that I will note here is how Morgue presents himself as a Teacher – he positions himself as possessing knowledge that “you” need and he can provide you. This is an immediate effort in disempowerment and bad faith, that seeks to render the listener feeling as there is something fundamentally wrong with them, through the notion that their bodily-sense experience (that is “them”) is not to be trusted – I.e. “you can’t trust yourself, but you must believe me to acquire truth”. This gets coated verbally in seemingly anti-authoritarian thought, critiquing states, media and similar institutions, which mask the technological-scientism and Teacher position Morgue takes, as yet another form of authoritarian rhetoric masking as liberation-thought. Morgue repeatedly spouts that he wants people to think for themselves, but this means “think like me”, as an effort in positioning mathematical-Gnosticism and scientific-Realism as Truth.

The other aspect of Morgue’s thought that I will note here as utterly revolting is that of it being body/life renouncing. Within all his pretty (empty) words about “higher consciousnesses” and transcendence there is an ideological push to reject the world as flesh and body that is being-Earth. This anti-environmentalism is ultimately a form of suicide-bomberism, which seeks to annihilate life in search of heaven – a vile, pathetic and cowardly form of thought! Also known as Gnosticism, this form of ideology embodies much of what my thought is largely an attempt to destroy. Below are 2 pages from my Feral Iconoclasm, on Gnosticism –

Not wanting to think about Morgue and Hyperianism any more, I will end this here.

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