Xen: The Zen of the Other by Ezra Buckley

I have (somewhat) known Ezra Buckley for several years now, via the internet. The immediate quality I noticed was that Buckley gives basically nothing of them that would give any quality of who they are, besides being sympathetic to zenarchy and eco-extremist thought, and loving the idol Tiamat. I’ve experienced a feeling of appreciation for Buckley, for the value that they have shown in my writing and the kindness that they have shown me (via the internet). So I was deeply pleased to learn that I’d been sent this book that they have written.

The first thing that I will say about Xen is that it is not a work of philosophical theory or political propaganda. I encountered no groundbreaking ideas and didn’t feel challenged by the book. (Okay, that is criticism done.)

Xen, from my reading, is partly a zenarchist love poem to Tiamat and partly a piece of grunge-literature style ego-centric autobiography. But really, these different parts cannot be separated.

Xen is non-linear. Xen is liminal.

What I appreciate about Buckley’s book is the sense of desperate and furious will-to-life/power, coupled with a playfulness that is wonderful. I’m sincerely grateful for having been sent the book, both to know something more of Buckley (even if that is the Buckley that Buckley wants to tell) and for the pleasure of reading this work on Xen.

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