Eco-Revolt is a blogging/writing outlet for eco-anarchist and guerrilla ontologist philosopher Julian Langer – writer of Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods.

I (Julian) am a lover of woods, deer, badgers and other wild beings.

I am also a musician (youtube and soundcloud are your best places to find stuff online and I will get round to getting older material on these) and a grassroots activist.

This is a place for political pieces, philosophical musing and poetry, though most of the more overtly political pieces I am writing can be found on this site.

I also reblog pieces of mine published through other projects and the occasional piece by friends/cohorts that I find beautiful.

I can be contacted on Facebook through the Feral Life page, which I admin, and my email is julianlanger1@yahoo.co.uk.



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