Salvationist Electoralism

In the wake of Brexit and the rise of President Trump in the states, republicans in the UK are pushing the “register to vote” line again.  To Trump voters, he represented the resurgence of the American Dream, albeit one with a nationalist twist. Promises of greatness through capitalism and military might. Trump represents the return […]

Losing Identity And Finding Myself 

Most of my youth was spent trying to find something to attach to my identity that would give me a sense of social-identifiable self that reflected who I am. This is something that many young people go through, but due to the internalised contradictions of my mixed religious family, with an unstable heritage and the […]

Between Joy And Despair

It can be personally confusing being caught between the horror of this culture, knowing that every day 200 species go extinct, that civilisation has enacted even more violence upon the biosphere and everything else involved in its production-narratives, and personal joy from my immediate personal life. My day job involves no betrayal of myself and, […]

Moral Sanctification Through Opposition 

Apart from God, the Devil is the most revered member of the Abrahamic pantheon. Through the attempt at actively rejecting him, Satan (or whatever else he is being called) is held up as an icon to tremble before, in cowardice and renunciation. Which is, as you might expect, exactly what he would want (should the […]

Some Thoughts On Riots

A riot, while often not the most effective attack against this culture, is beautiful as an act of frustrated opportunistic revenge – animals who’ve been caged against their will taking the chance to lash out against their captors. It’s beautiful as a refusal to renounce oneself to apathy and pure bystanderism, while equally refusing to […]