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Both Feral Consciousness and Feral Iconoclasm can currently be ordered through Little Black Cart  and  Active Distribution.

Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods

On the 15th of May 2020, I will be self-publishing a second edition of Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods – click here for more details.

“What an invigorating jaunt it was reading Feral Consciousness, Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods. Julian Langer did something no one else has done for me. He interlaced my decades ago analytical brain study of the soft sciences on topics of knowledge and existentialism, to my present weary being craving for wild. His gift to the reader is a foundation for and framework toward a post-civ future …. He challenges us to replace acceptance of “atheist scientism… the opium of the masses” with Cynicism, an agility seeing through civilization’s phantasm to the Real, to deconstruct the symbolic and domesticated. This is the first step to break out of domestication’s cage to escape into “rewilded-feral and animalistic perception of authentic unmediated truth… that is far closer, if not totally connected, to the pre-Symbolic ‘natural’ Real of wild being.”” Ria Del Montana, author of Ecopatriarchy: The Origins and Nature of Hunting 

Feral Consciousness is as devastating as it is defiant” The Writing Times



“The ideas we wish to publish are visionary, world-wrecking, ideas about a passionate, critical, fiery anarchy unleashed upon the world. Perhaps we are anachronisms but we believe what we are putting out into the world can inform future authors as it informs me.” Little Black Cart


Feral Iconoclasm: Anarchy as Rising and Dying

I will be self-publishing a second edition of Feral Iconoclasm: Anarchy as Rising and Dying, on the 15th of May 2020 – click here for more details.

“Feral iconoclasm is Julians best work to date, Promethean in scope, its a joyful, philosophical assault on the reality tunnels excreted by the Black Iron Prison, which keeps wild nature bound, gagged and raped. He excels in opening minds, killing myths and kneeing notions of human exceptionalism in the groin, all with a poetic eloquence thats tempered with exceptional intelligence, clarity and a depth of sincerity that only comes from rare experience. If I could id make this work required reading at schools. ” Simon Bramwell, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion



“This guy is a poet, well he actually is a poet, but this small book is fascinating” I Am Resistance Radio


Feral Life: Meditations on Anarchists and Anarchy

The final book in my Feral collection will be published later this year – date to be confirmed soon.

“Langers work is both an ontological death chant aimed at the belly of this eco phagic, blood soaked juggernaut of a civilisation and a philosophical love poem intent on answering the healing seduction that wild nature sings to our fettered beings. His insistance on clarity, beauty and absurdity is refreshing and vital to these troubled times. Essential reading for anyone bent on outliving leviathans fetid touch.” Simon Bramwell, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion


On this site you can find some more information about the upcoming book.


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Mesodma is an eco-absurdist short story, written as an attempt to reach people who aren’t interested in philosophy or politics. It is the journey of a little creature, who finds that they are immersed within mass extinction. You can order the book from here.

“Thank you Julian for the gift of this mind escape, relieving the burden of civilization, if only for a moment. It’s more potent than psychiatric medicine and may even make more sense than suicide.” Ria Del Montana, author of Ecopatriarchy: The Origins and Nature of Hunting

“This story is Revelation for the small creature, the end of its world — 250 million years ago. It is also a stark foretelling of our future — in the 21st century.” Sal Sobre La Heridas


No, I Won’t Write

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No, I Won’t Write is a collection of poems and drawings that I have self published via this blog. You can download the PDF for free here.

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