Feral Consciousness: Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods

My first book is available to order online in the USA through Little Black Cart and in the UK and Europe through Active Distribution.

In their “Whats New With LBC – Winter 2017” update, the publishers made this statement-

“The Repartee imprint is books that integrate ideas that are normally owned by the academy into the anarchist tradition. This book, Feral Consciousness, is a furtive attempt towards a new (anarchistic) understanding of both Freud, especially his attitude in Civilization and Its Discontents and the Dionysian Nietzshe. Unlike other books that have covered similar topics in the past this one begins with a glossary of terms.

This is a solid attempt to build a bridge between the ideas of a set of dead European men and build a “Dionysian relationship–or what I call a rewild-feral, non-domesticated psychological state.””


In their Review of all they’ve published since their last Review (available for free download via the link), the publishers also said this about the book –

“Another book in our Repartee series: if Cracks in a Grey Sky is a historical Green Anarchist position, this book represents a contemporary one. This book has multiple threads, a psychological one about how the entire planet is su ocating under the weight of suicidal consumerism, another one on the metaphysical of nature. The wild urge is a creative and destructive urge and the author Julian documents these urges.

The list of intellectual in uences Julian cites include Adorno, Camus, Freud, Temporary Autonomous Zones, Diogenes, Heidegger, Lacan, Nietzsche, Stirner,Thoreau,Wilde, Vygotsky, and Zerzan.The metaphors include Pokemon, the Matrix, and the idea of an axe. Ultimately, civilization is madness and Julian desires a way out, one that he shares by way of poetry and art.”

Popular anarcho-primitivist writer/blogger Ria Del Montana had this to say about the book in her review

“What an invigorating jaunt it was reading Feral Consciousness, Deconstruction of the Modern Myth and Return to the Woods. Julian Langer did something no one else has done for me. He interlaced my decades ago analytical brain study of the soft sciences on topics of knowledge and existentialism, to my present weary being craving for wild. His gift to the reader is a foundation for and framework toward a post-civ future …. He challenges us to replace acceptance of “atheist scientism… the opium of the masses” with Cynicism, an agility seeing through civilization’s phantasm to the Real, to deconstruct the symbolic and domesticated. This is the first step to break out of domestication’s cage to escape into “rewilded-feral and animalistic perception of authentic unmediated truth… that is far closer, if not totally connected, to the pre-Symbolic ‘natural’ Real of wild being.””

A feature on The Writing Times website states “Feral Consciousness is as devastating as it is defiant”.

Here is the link to its page on Goodreads.

The book also received positive mention from prominent green-anarchist/primitivist writer/philosopher John Zerzan on his radio show Anarchy Radio.



Future Books

My next book is in the very early stages of writing. It is intended as an expansion and development of the arguments made in Feral Consciousness.