A Journey Towards No Place 

Exodus to escape the heat  No words can express the grief  An entire family in a tiny boat But even on land we’re drowning to keep afloat  Everyone knows that xenophobes are wrong  Too much information blurs the lines of where this came from  Blood for oil and soil and no rain  Now only pain […]

Eco-egoist Presentism and Involutionary Politics

The contemporary Left, be it in the liberal “progressive” faction or the Marxist-Socialist wing, has allowed itself to be caged in a psycho-symbolic prison of second-order-signs, surmounting to pure simulacra and simulation; rendering its discussion and action devoid of anything of actual relevance to overcoming the conditions of the immediate-present-present. If we are to overcome […]

Living in the End of History 

“It’s like the worlds gone mad” These words, in this combination – as well as derivatives of it – seem to be prevailing in the cyberverse.  A general disgust at the past year, boarding on disenfranchisement, interlaced with a romantic attachment to an idealised future that people are having to accept is not to be […]

Atlases and Territory 

This force is entropic  From micro to macro politics  Permeating as is goes In lyrical flows Drives of passion  Smash the bottle so you can glass them Oh no there goes his face  What did you create?  And I wanna stop the poem But the lines keep on going  With the ecological collapse  Someone get […]