Into Nothingness He Resides

A man almost no one gave a fuck about died today  And almost no one is gonna give a fuck His clothes were dirty and you could smell the stink He might not have always been friendly, with or without a drink But this the byproduct of system that left him behind That treated him […]

Ethics, Aesthetics, Love and Wildness

“Ethics and aesthetics are one” Wittgenstein “Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil” Nietzsche The tragic beauty of a storm is the power it exerts upon that which it impacts upon. The uprooting of trees, the telegraph poles that crash down, broken walls , peoples hurt – the order and calm […]

Orchestral Storm

It’s a cloudy morning  A storm rages I feel the cold wind caress my skin A kiss A reminder of life The song rises and falls  It never stops or stalls  Just a rushing melody  Of entropic expression  I watch a leaf dance on the stone floor  The stone that bites at my skin Does […]

Verse For a Dark Night

It is a dark night Clouds hide the constellations A celestial sphere hidden A cartography unreadable A blackness lifted by faint moonlight Rustling wind and light rain grant transient motion to the apparent stillness The sound of a car can be heard in the distance An incursion as it rumbles closer up the hill The […]

The Shattering of AmberĀ 

Trapped in amber  We melt like candle wax  Into a cool stream That permeates walls into becoming  Like a cloud that defies description  There can be no inscription  You lack the diction  Flow of the motion  Like birds in the sky Or fish in the ocean  There is no repeat or return  We are a […]


A morning can be a period of clarity. It can be like rain fall, which washes away the dirt and reveals bare-rock.  A morning isn’t a repetition of the rising sun, as there is no return.  Each morning is a new sun rise – it is potential; it is change; it is transience.  It is […]

Hylozoic Primal Chaos

Rain lands on the windowpane Some lands on a cobweb And there is a breakdown in the system In the dynamics of our cartography As the rain keeps falling And the system remains incomplete No course of action can be determined by a rule And the wind it whirls But I am a forest A […]