A Dionysian Feast

The sun Has returned  With its ever loving cosmic burn Signalling the start of the day  Birds, beasts and children all proclaim its rise As the night time dies  And we are Dionysian  And with his blade in hand Here comes that mighty man To pay his debt to Apollo  And summon tomorrow  What an […]

Sun And Moon In The Sky

Before I was born, I was a seed inside fruit  When I fell to the ground, I stretched out my roots  And my body decayed, but I didn’t care As from what remained, propelled in the air And I wandered the landscape, until I found the sea Where a man was telling stories that I […]

Cosmic Dance On The Edge Of The Otherworld 

I am a woodland being, a child of the oak tree.  With the melodies of the stream and those sky-dancers Who’s daily orchestra is continual delight  I find myself in fleeting instances, immersed in the flow  And my constant cosmic dance between the Otherworld and this  A Dionysian rising as the holy bush kisses my […]

The Desire for the Company of Beasts 

I long for the forests that once covered these islands, whose cover darkened the ground and sheltered those underneath from rain.  I despair over the concrete scars etched into the body of these islands, who lead only to the sacrificial temples of a cult of dead matter, with the rotting carcasses of those who couldn’t […]