Some Simple Survival Strategies

I’ve been asked by various people who share in similar perceptions of the world to my own – we all have different subjectivities – questions that can all be generalised to “how am I supposed to go on?” or “what do I do now” (both in an existential and political sense). So I’ve decided to list here a number of suggestions for surviving, which I hope can be of some benefit to whoever they reach.

  1. Don’t try to teach people. The Real cannot be taught and you’ll only succeed in frustrating yourself if you approach people from the position of an educator. We are best served not coming from the position of bearers of secret knowledge (which screams of conspiracy freak and leads to self imposed alienation), if we desire to affect individuals so as to encourage rewilded space – every person is a geography. Rather, we are (in my opinion) best served engaging in activities, such as games (as one option), that serve as phenomenological experiences of release from the trappings of civilisation, as a means of reaching anyone. Operation Mindfuck wouldn’t work as a lecture, but a good prank holds lots of potential
  2. Abandon history(/History/His-story). It’s being conserved is bullshit (but everyone knows the political right are full of shit) and the revolution holds nothing actually desirable, as it is just a pathway towards further ruin. To quote Hakim Bey “We are not interested in a return to the primitive, but in a return OF the primitive, in as much as the primitive is repressed”. Outside of history there is only the primitive/primal/wild transient flow of the present, which is where we are best served looking for value in.
  3. Practice psychic-nomadism/paleoliticism, feral consciousness/iconoclasm, not as platforms, ideologies, systems or structures to follow, but as games, choreographies, cartographies and songs to create – play Operation Wild Mayhem – Games To Collapse Empire.
  4. Enjoy what you enjoy about this culture and find meaningful activity within its narratives. I enjoy Netflix, Shakespeare and Ben and Jerry’s, and have a day-job I thoroughly enjoy. These make surviving this culture a little easier for me and I hold no moral pretensions about being above (or below) enjoying anything I take pleasure in.
  5. Remember that everything dies. This was all always Absurd. And that that is ok! What dies becomes something new, in an unending creative nothing, whose beauty is the only basis for any value. What is ugly is the that which attempts to end death and Life; civilisation – but that appears to be dying anyway.
  6. Take joy in the apparent death of civilisation and history – this might be only in the realm of appearances/representation/symbols/whatever-word-you-like, but whatever (none of us know anything anyway): see you on the other side!
  7. If you want to write then write. Spill your blood out upon the page (or computer screen) and be relentless while doing it – what is wild is authentic and authenticity is wild. But again, teaching people generally won’t amount to much – you might reaffirm some people’s perceptions, who already share your outlook, but then what is the point in that (though I have to remind myself of the beauty of pointless ventures (perhaps as I write this I am becoming a mirror image of a mirror image of myself (fuck it, who cares?)))?
  8. Individualists, lone-wolfs and lone-leaders (cheeky fellas (borrowing from the Australian indigenous anti-civ warriors)) often have the best strategic approach to actions, but Life is located within a multiplicity of a social-environmental ecology – find friendships, co-conspirators and lovers. While solitude is valuable, loneliness has no egoistic value. If there is anything of a future post-civilisation for any of us (yuck historicising futurologies), while I don’t imagine there’ll be the machinery of society, community is likely to be found in something akin to a new tribalist social-ontology/ecology – why not start creating this now, in the present?
  9. Enjoy the hate – it only means you’ve reached someone.
  10. Be sceptical and cynical – in the old-philosophical sense of both terms. #makeDiogenesproud
  11. Put your well-being first – there is no reason to do anything other than for your personal well being.
  12. End lists on even numbers so Ba’al will bring storms and re-firtilise the world.


Again, I hope this can be of some desirable benefit to whoever reads it (especially to those who have emailed and messaged me regarding their personal struggles). To end with some quotes –

“All good things are wild and free.” Thoreau 


“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilisation.” Emerson

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