Feral Iconoclasm: The Wild Dance of the Uncivilized

Love this review of Feral Iconoclasm!

Spontaneous Resistance

I take my “perfectly” made coffee, with a touch of “whatever” in it, carefully poured in a mug I got last “HoaXmas” from someone at work who’s already dead, with the words, “Nice girls never make history”, to the balcony, trying to “relax” and to hear the birds sing on the trees that no longer are.

I see people walking, people with fear of “the crisis” in their eyes and in their every movement. Some with and some without masks. Almost every single one has a dog on a leash. A man is approaching with his dog, big German Shepherd, on a green colored leash. He has the leash wrapped around his right hand, very carefully trying to pull the dog towards himself every time the dog tries to move away. The dog tries it one more time, to run away with the leash. The dog looks tired, nonchalant, thirsty…

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