Reclaiming Ourselves by Emma Kathryn – a review

Radical discourse is sadly dominated by nostalgic-sentiment regarding rebellions and revolutions that happened outside of most of our life experiences and by future-oriented Reality-planning bound to hope-hopelessness advocacy, both of which hold little-to-no here and now meaning or relevance. This is why books like Emma Kathryn’s Reclaiming Ourselves are so valuable, beautiful and something I’d love to see more of.

Rather than Marxist posturing about revolutions or transhumanist wishful thinking about the prospects of future technologies, which are dependent upon the narratives of scientific production and social machinery; Kathryn’s thought across this short collection of thoughts and suggestions are ones that individuals can engage with independently, from their own will-to-life/power. With it’s strong anti-consumerist theme, Kathryn’s thought could be considered anti-consumerist-pagan individualism – not individualism as liberalism, as presented by collectivist ideologues and liberals, but authentic individualism that is not bound to political ideologies.

With her focus on food, medicine and body, there is an environmentalism within Kathryn’s thought that is not grandiose, simple and immediately accessible. In this way, this work can be thought of as a beautiful immediatist handbook – immediatism meaning praxis that is not dependent upon Historising political-machinery.

If you have read my books Mesodma or Feral Life: Meditations on Rewilding and Anarchy then you might have noticed Emma’s name mentioned in both. This is because she edited them for me. Maybe you have not read those books, but recognise her name for it being included within the Night Forest Cell of Radical Poets materials. We also collaborated on a piece published by Gods and Radicals. These past collaborations and our friendship are partly why I am writing this with a feeling of joy for Emma’s newest book.

Gentle, honest and beautiful are all words I would use to describe this text, and I am sincerely grateful that Emma sent me this copy to read and review.

The book is published by A Beautiful Resistance.

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